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I started this blog because I have something to say. Keeping up with it has proven to be a challenge -- what can I say? The cobbler's kids have no shoes! Translation - I've been so busy writing for my wonderful clients that I haven't made time to write for myself. So thanks for that and yes to more!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Brand New Toy!

There was a time or two over the last month that I honestly had the start of a new blog. Then the random thoughts are gone, poof, like bubbles on a stream. But the fun part is that I'm doing all this random blogging on a brand new computer -- there that was it! That's where I wanted to go with this.

I have a new computer - laptop, very zippy, very fast and very cutting edge. Or at least this Old Broad thinks so. It even has that new computer smell...all sleek and shiny and no one else's identity stamped all over it. I chose the user profile name, I chose the hard drive name and I chose the colors, and fonts, and the screen saver and everything else that makes it mine. No junk, no desktop icons I didn't put there, just mine, mine, mine. With every click of the keys, I'm channelling Carrie Bradshaw and creating scintillating copy. I downloaded all my working files so I'll learn Word 2007 so there's no looking back now.

And oh the music!!! I now have two of the three must have albums as recommended by some guy whose name I don't remember on 60 Minutes last Sunday. He was right...Lizz Wright sends shivers down the spine and Hayes Carll rocks West Texas all over the planet. Who knew Tom Petty was ever in a band called Mudcrutch? I heard Adele Adkins sing on CBS Good Morning at 8:55 a.m. and at 9:05 a.m., I had downloaded a copy of her newest album and was rocking out. Now that's power!

The Vista thing kinda threw me but here I am transferring, typing and teasing just like I always have. And it's more fun to do!!! Oh sure I've run into a few glitches and that's to be expected til me and the Laptop become one. And to think I was going to send it back.

So here I am, blogging away and wondering -- at what point does the new laptop become just a tool instead of new Best Friend?

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