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I started this blog because I have something to say. Keeping up with it has proven to be a challenge -- what can I say? The cobbler's kids have no shoes! Translation - I've been so busy writing for my wonderful clients that I haven't made time to write for myself. So thanks for that and yes to more!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In my quest to bring evermore prosperity and abundance into my life, I have listened to this expert, read that one, and watched yet another. I’m getting some very clear messages about consistency and it’s comforting to know that something I do naturally as breathing is a key component to success.

Consistent patterns, routines and behaviors provide structure, focus and discipline. I get that and I thrive on it. I started a 21-day program to build wealth and am on Day Two, starting over after a weekend of distraction and unfocused inaction. I made it through four days last week. I’m as guilty of taking a left turn at the daisies as the next person and frequently used that as an excuse to make bad choices and indulge in non-productive behaviors. And that’s why I am where I am. Which isn’t where I want to be. Hence the quest for consistency.

Mary Kay tells us to make a list of six things to do every day. Steven Covey goes into those seven habits for effective people. Stuart Ross told me last night to post a blog entry every day. Bruce Muzik teaches that essential daily habits keep us focused on the Inspired Outcome. Remember that adage about taking 21 days to form a habit? The common thread here is regular habits and actions forge a strong foundation for achieving goals.

Some people thrive on chaos. Their only consistency is inconsistency. I wouldn’t know how to be one of those people. Consistency means order and chaos is messy. Consistency means focus and chaos is disarray. Consistency is abundance and chaos is lack. It’s that simple.

Those same people might acquaint consistency with boredom or dullness. I say consistency in the things that matter makes it easier to embrace different options and choices. If anything, consistency can mean freedom to explore, to choose, to try something new.

The amazing thing is that it’s working. Every day brings possibility, opportunity, and clients. It’s all in the choices I’m making and the paths I’m choosing. And that is consistently awesome!

Remember, champions are driven by their dream, but created by their routine. – Allison LaMarr, Digging Deeper. www.allisonlamarronline.com

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