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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Money is Awesome!

Money, moolah, dinero, green stuff, fun tickets – however you say it, it conjures up powerful images, good and bad. I watched a show last night about lotto winners and how their winnings affected their lives. Three different couples were profiled, including a guy who won Red Sox season tickets for a LIFETIME. All three couples reacted differently and that was what struck me. Then today I read a chapter in “Think and Grow Rich” about a preacher who needed $1 million so he preached a sermon about what he would do if he had a million dollars. Whoa…that’s some woo woo stuff right there.
                The first couple remarked that they would tear up the ticket if they thought the $2.5 million was going to ruin them. I didn’t see that coming. View the bounty as ruination and turn down the chance to expand your life?  Well, instead, they did what most folks would do – pay the bills, buy new vehicles and go on some trips. AND unlike most folks, they both kept their jobs because they love what they do. Imagine going to work simply because you love it. I think it was my mother who told me do what you love and the money will come. I’m writing because that’s what I love and the money is flowing to me so OMG, my mother was right!! But that's another blog.
                The second couple represents a classic example of why people think money is bad. The wife suffered a stroke, the husband flailed around for a year bored out of his mind, and worst of all, they had to move from the tiny town they called home because they couldn’t handle the pressure. Their neighbors hounded them incessantly about helping them out. Huh? Your neighbor wins money and you think he should pay your phone bill? Clearly an example of why people think money is bad.
                The last couple really stood out because the husband remarked that he could have won $10 million and wouldn’t feel as good as he did with lifetime Red Sox tickets. Now there’s a guy with his priorities straight. He and his wife trade the tickets for services like babysitting and plumbing. The only bone of contention is when the boys from New York come to town because the wife is a Yankees fan.
                I love money and what it can do. In learning about money, and what it means, I’ve discovered it was controlling me. Since the past doesn’t equal the future, I now control money and how I use it. It means freedom to do, be and have. It does great good. It brings relief, and always gratitude.
                What would I do with a million bucks? Grow it into ten million and give half of it away and enjoy every moment of every day. Oh wait…I’m already doing that so I’m already wealthy. What would you do?
Thanks for taking the time to read this musing and I always enjoy your comments.

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